‘Let there be Love’

Hello, I’m Mark owner of mbImagery.co.uk. Here is a very quick introduction in as few words as possible as
I know how much you have on your plate right now, so I’m doing my best to keep this short.
Take a look around the website and enjoy. What will you find?
Almost 15 years within the world of professional photography along with details of international awards (not just school, fete, local village or recently created ‘wedding industry’ photography competitions…. International awards, that’s right!). There’s also the huge companies whom I’ve been commissioned by such as Wagamama, Barclays plc and Heineken, along with those well know types such as Ben Fogle and Ray Mears. Yep. I’ve worked with them too.

Your Wedding Shoot

Having captured the preparation, the fun and laughter, the arrival at the wedding venue, the ceremony itself, followed by the friends and family group shots, the reception and speeches, all rounded up with the evening revelry, love and laughter I’ll bid you both farewell. I’ll quietly slip away and head back to my studio.  Before my head hits the pillow, memory cards will be uploaded on to two separate hard drives, once this is done I can rest.
The following three to four days will be spent reviewing, editing and processing the RAW ‘undeveloped’ camera files.  
All being well my aim is to have your full portfolio of wedding images processed, edited and ready for you to enjoy within 7 days..... I know right!
I don’t believe any bride and groom should have to wait weeks to see their wedding portfolio, unless of course you’re dealing with a part-timer. 
So let's not do that.

‘Mark what experience do you have?’

At this point I used to prattle on about ‘how great I am’ and how awesome I’ll be on your day, blending in to the background etc. etc. but let’s be honest, when you’re paying upwards of £1,500.00 for your wedding photographer you’re expecting professionalism, quality and consistency.
One very important thing to note, ‘I am a full-time professional photographer’. I am not a weekend wedding photographer with an alternative full-time career Monday to Friday, I make my entire living from photography. This includes weddings, events, portraits, landscape commisisons, commercial and corporate shoots, magazines and property portfolios.

’Mark we’ve found someone who will capture our full day for £795.00!’

Wow! Awesome! Sounds like a bargain right?
Facebook is now alive with ‘wedding photographers’ and whilst there is no regulatory body protecting our brides and grooms from ’give it a go’ wedding photographers, please do exercise caution…. It’s a bridal mine field out there. So is it worth the gamble? Maybe! Ask yourself, would you take the risk with your food or your venue? If the answer is a resounding ‘No, of course not!’, then my advice would be to apply the same ethos with your photographer. Many folks will, hmmmm, how do I say this…. ‘borrow’ images from other sites or use stock photography to sell their service. (You won’t find that here. Every image is my own.)
If professional photography isn’t something you are concerned about on your special day, I would suggest asking your guests to capture as many opportunistic photographs on their smart phones as possible. Then have them review and delete anything they don’t consider to be ‘a fantastic photograph’. In that dark mine of wedding day images I guarantee there’ll be a handful of diamonds. Once you’ve selected your favourites all you need to do is send them across to a professional for final editing and processing, or whack an Instagram filter on it, post it, and bask in the ensuing flood of love.

That being said, if high end professional images are going to be part of your day, followed by professional processing and editing over three to four days, plus any additional costs incurred by the photographer, then by being sensible you will be looking at spending upwards of £1,500.00.


Boring but Important

On the day I'll be carrying a minimum of two camera bodies and three lenses. I travel with spares of everything, including memory cards and batteries.
Cards do fail, batteries can be temperamental, camera's do play up....  It's your big day, we want everything to be perfect don't we!?

I also have the necessary public liability cover for all my photography commissions. 
(Like I said, boring.... But important.)

 We live in Europe, Asia, USA, New Zealand, South America....
Worry Not!

Please enjoy my wedding portfolios along with the landscapes and travel portfolios.  Give yourself time to appreciate the composition, technique, various styles, level of skill and experienced involved to bring these portfolios together.

Wedding Packages:

'Ceremony Packages'
from £499.00 for remaining 2020 dates

Full Day
'The Platinum Package'
from £1,650.00 for remaining 2020 dates
from £1,750.00 for remaining 2021 dates

The Platinum Package is as it suggests above the title, a full day shoot. We’ll start early and finish half an hour after your first dance.
Images will be shared via a password protected wedding portfolio page directly through my website. Image files will be stored on a chrome USB presented in a beautiful gift box. Need more? Just ask. Anything else you require can be added as an optional extra.

Engagement Shoots from £295.00


Bespoke packages are available on request,
It's your day, so why not have it exactly how you want it?

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