Hi folks, I’m Mark. Here is a very quick introduction in as few words as possible, I know how much you have on your plate right now so I’m keeping it short. It is important that you know all there is to know about your photographer, research him or here, you can find out all about me below along with all my social media icons. You can find out about my experience as a professional photographer, my knowledge in the field (and the church!) along with details of international awards (not just school, fete, local village or industry awards) and huge companies whom I’ve been commissioned by. Ben Fogle and Ray Mears, heard of them? Worked with both of them!

‘Mark what experience do you have?’
At this point I used to prattle on about ‘how great I am’ and how awesome I’ll be on your day, blending in to the background etc. etc. but let’s be honest, when you’re paying upwards of £1,500.00 for your wedding photographer you’re expecting professionalism, quality and consistency.
One very important, ‘I am a full-time professional photographer’. I am not a weekend wedding photographer with an alternative full-time career Monday to Friday, I make my entire living from photography. Weddings, events, portraits, landscape commisisons, commercial and corporate shoots.

’Mark I found someone who can shoot our wedding from 9am until 9pm for £795.00!’
Sounds like a bargain right? But think carefully before biting his/her hand off and choking on their camera. Facebook and free websites are alive with ‘wedding photographers’ nowadays. Anyone can advertise themselves, as sadly, there is no regulatory body to ensure that part time photographers can cope with tricky lighting situations or indeed even understand the manual settings on their cameras (I’ve seen it!)…. It usually starts with the ‘About me’ section if it’s a web page ‘Photography is my passion’ and so on….It’s a bridal mine field out there! Is it worth the gamble? I think if high end photography isn’t something you are concerned about on your special day, I’d consider asking your guests to capture as many opportunistic photographs on their smart phones as possible, then to delete the ‘tat’ before uploading what they consider to be the best images up to a specified drive. From there you could pick out your favourites before sending them across to a photographer to do the digital processing. That being said, if you are wanting high end professional images captured throughout a full day, followed by professional processing and editing over three to four days, plus any additional costs incurred by the photographer, then just being sensible you will be looking at spending upwards of £1,500.00.


the wedding shoot process

When my work is done, I'll bid you both farewell, then head back to my studio.  That same evening all the memory cards will be uploaded on to two separate hard drives.  I call this 'belt & braces'.  Thoroughness is imperative....  I have golden memories brewing on these little cards.  The following three to four days will be spent reviewing, editing and processing the RAW ‘undeveloped’ camera files.  
All being well my aim is to have a full set of images processed, edited and ready for you to enjoy within 7 days..... You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to see your wedding photographs?!  So let's not do that.

The boring, but Important stuff!

On the day I'll be carrying a minimum of two camera bodies.  An Olympus OMD combined with two lenses, one portrait and one telephoto.  The second camera will be either a full frame Canon 5D MKII combined with a Canon 1.4L 50mm lens or a full frame Sony A7RII combined with a Canon 1.4L 50mm lens.  I travel with spares of everything - memory cards, batteries and lenses.  Cards do fail, batteries can be temperamental, camera's do play up....  It's your big day, we want everything to be perfect don't we!?

I also have the necessary public liability cover for all my photography commissions. 
Like I said, boring.... But important.

 We live in europe, asia, USA, New Zealand, South America....
worry not!

Please enjoy my wedding portfolios along with the landscapes and travel portfolios.  Give yourself time to appreciate the composition, technique, various styles, level of skill and experienced involved to bring these portfolios together.

Wedding package costs:

'Ceremony Packages'
from £750.00 for 2019

'Platinum Packages'
from £1,250.00 for 2019

Bespoke packages are available on request,
It's your day, so why not have it exactly how you want it? 


You've enjoyed what you have read, and loved the various galleries, especially the weddings.

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