Wedding Photography - The Big Day!

Hello there, and thanks for dropping by.  I'm Mark and I'm here to capture what is potentially the most celebrated day of your lives as a couple in love.  So, you have decided to cement and celebrate your love and commitment to one another through a series of loving vows in front of all those who are special to you.  What's not to love?  Pressure? Organisation?  Preparation?  I embrace them all as these are the cobblestones which line the path leading to the most magical, fantastic love filled day that you are both ever likely to experience.  Great wedding photography isn't straightforward.  Rocking up on the day with a decent bag of kit and the necessary insurance helps, but there is so much more.  From having developed the necessary photographic, organisational and communication skills, to having the ability to capture and convey the feelings of emotion, love and magic that all conspire to make capture your wedding day without being in the way - I’m here for you both.  I will melt in to the background, disappear in to the revelry of the day thus allowing me to capture the smallest and most important little events that at many weddings may well go unnoticed.  What type of events do I mean?  A loving glance in to one another's eyes, or a brief intertwining of newly married fingers as you touch one another's hands.  Maybe I’ll capture a soothing kiss that sweeps away the wedding day anxiety.

My aim as your wedding photographer is to make you and your family along with all of your friends feel like there's no photography pressure, thus allowing me to capture and create beautiful, timeless and cherished memories. 
The perfect day?  I certainly hope so. 

What can you expect?

As my clients I am fully aware that you are making an investment in me. You are investing in a range of skills from communication and management to professional photography, post processing and editing.  My goal is for you, the bride & groom, along with all of your guests to have the most fun filled, love drenched, enjoyable of days you will ever have.  I will be on hand to capture this once in a lifetime moment, and create together, the images you have both envisioned and dreamed of on your 'Big Day'.  


I like to class myself as a 'documentary' wedding photographer.  A what photographer?  Simple.  I work with and around you both.  I aim to be nothing more than a subtle presence on your day.  A friend working busily in the background.  When organisation is required I'm there.  But the magic is really happening when I'm unseen, blended in to the background capturing unaware/candid shots of your big day.  It is during this time that the most beautiful and natural of wedding day images are created.

When my work is done, I'll bid you both farewell, then head back to my studio.  That same evening all the memory cards will be uploaded on to two separate hard drives.  I call this 'belt & braces'.  Thoroughness is imperative....  I have golden memories brewing on these little cards.  The following three to four days will be spent reviewing, editing and processing the RAW ‘undeveloped’ camera files.  

All being well my aim is to have a full set of images processed, edited and ready for you to enjoy within 7 days..... You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to see your wedding photographs?!  So let's not do that.

The boring, but Important stuff!

On the day I'll be carrying a minimum of two camera bodies.  An Olympus OMD combined with two lenses, one portrait and one telephoto.  The second camera will be either a full frame Canon 5D MKII combined with a Canon 1.4L 50mm lens or a full frame Sony A7RII combined with a Canon 1.4L 50mm lens.  I travel with spares of everything - memory cards, batteries and lenses.  Cards do fail, batteries can be temperamental, camera's do play up....  It's your big day, we want everything to be perfect don't we!?

I also have public liability cover for all my photography commissions. 
Like I said, boring.... But important.

 What if we live in?
Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Europe... We live in the USA.... We live in New Zealand... We live in South America....

Worry not! 
I'm available for wedding, event, photography worldwide.  
I travel regularly throughout the year so if you're looking for an English speaking (with elementary Spanish), flexible and professional wedding and events photographer with a passion for all he does, you have come to the right place.  With a great combination of professional photography skills from weddings, portraiture, award winning landscapes through to retail and commercial commissions, you will be getting much more than just a 'wedding photographer' on your special day.  I'm a funny guy too, so if you like to smile and laugh I’ll throw these in for free!

Please enjoy my wedding portfolios along with the landscapes and travel portfolios.  Give yourself time to appreciate the composition, technique, various styles, level of skill and experienced involved to bring these portfolios together.


Wedding package costs:

Prices start at £750.00 for 'The Ceremony Package'.  

Up to £1,750.00 for the full day 'Platinum Package'.

Bespoke packages are available on request,
along with ‘somewhere in between’ packages

It's your day, so why not have it exactly how you want it? 


You've enjoyed what you read, and loved the various galleries, especially the weddings.

Make your enquiry below…. One step closer!

Many thanks.


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