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Whether you have dropped by to find your ideal Wedding Photographer or are looking for an intrepid documentary photographer or maybe you’re here to book a place on one of my Celtic Photography Workshops on the Isle of Man or Scottish Highlands. Whatever the reason, and maybe it’s a bigger reason than Google throwing up my page, you’ll no doubt want to know a little more about me.

Born in 1975 on the Isle of Man; a tiny 'rock' located in the middle of the Irish Sea 15 miles South West of the Southern most point of Scotland, 30 miles East of Ireland, 30 miles West of England's Lake District and about 40 miles North of Holyhead in Wales.  In the middle of everywhere, in the middle of nowhere. Shaped by wilderness and my desire for the arts I soon found myself in pursuit of capturing light. University took me to Edinburgh, after which life took me on a wonderful roller coaster until my early thirties. I began writing and photographing for a handful of UK based magazines. Now I capture images for multi-national clients from all over the world. From huge companies such as Wagamama and Barclays to celebrities such as Ben Fogle and Ray Mears, from small local businesses, to my ‘family day out’ shoots. Sounds like fun? Oh it is! But don’t be fooled, it’s even harder work!

All of my clients have a personal guarantee that their needs, expectations and overall vision for whatever they had in mind will be met. Be it a wedding, corporate event, commercial shoot or family portrait, for whatever project I have been commissioned results will be guaranteed and expectations exceeded. An mb-Imagery client is a satisfied client.


Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2018

4 Shortlisted Images!


International Garden Photographer of the Year 2018

Path of Light - Finalist
Blossom Gatherer - Highly Commended


Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017

Two Images Shortlisted


Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016

2016 saw each one of the four images I entered in to Outdoor Photographer of the Year’s ‘Spirit of Travel’ category were shortlisted. Boy in Basket, Little Girl in Crate Swing, No Parking & Queen’s Cafe Cow.


International Garden Photographer of the Year 2015

During 2015 an image of two dancing poppies in a golden wheat field was adorned with an IGPOTY’s finalist spot in the 'Breathing Spaces' category of International Garden Photographer of the Year.

TPOTY 2014 ICON.jpg

Travel Photographer of the Year 2014

During 2014 I was lucky enough to have portfolio of four images captured whilst cycling through Alaska shortlisted in Travel Photographer of the Year 2014.