Tioman, Malaysia..... Getting Lucky... Again! / by Mark Boyd

The table of gents to my left laughed and chatted.  Then one got up from his chair and approached our table.  He asked where we were staying.  No where yet was our response.  He went on to explain that they were opening a 4 star resort on the other side of Tioman island and they were just adding the finishing touches.  They also happened to be scouting for a couple of European looking individuals to feature in some promotional photographs for their brochures and website, and asked would we be interested in helping them out.  In exchange for our assistance Lee was offering us an all inclusive three night stay at Tioman's almost open Barat Resort.  This getting lucky thing is becoming tiresome.... Yaaaaaawn!!!  Before we knew it we were in a big 4x4 heading towards the other side of the island.  I could sense some tough times ahead....

The road up and back down to the other side was super steep and took over 40 minutes.  On arrival we were treated to 1.5km of pristine beach all to ourselves!  Wow!  There was no one.  There was nothing.... Just sand and sea.  It was one of those perfect honeymoon destinations.

So what was involved?  A staged arrival and check in.... some swimming pool scuba lessons, a few yoga poses, volleyball, badminton, kayaking, bat n ball, chilling with coconuts and then the general hanging out, walking, lying on the beach.... all over a few days.  

It was a pretty easy and fun gig.  We laughed a lot and we chilled a lot.  In another few weeks there would be surfable waves, but for now the sea was like a mirror.

We were offered a moped to use, but when we attempted to ride up the steep hill to get to the other side of the island there was insufficient power in the tiny engine to even take us 100 metres up the steep angled ascent.  The bike ground slowly to a halt...... We were basically trapped in paradise.

So for a little posing here and there we were treated to some fantastic food, delicious wine and some champagne on the final night!  The guys were great fun and really took care of us.  Vincent even drove us all the way back to Kuala Lumpur once we'd hit the mainland.  A top bunch of guys.

Thanks again fellas!