it's almost time to go..... / by Mark Boyd

This week has literally been full of photography commissions..... Four separate shoots for Landscape Magazine peppered with a skutch of shoots for the Isle of Man Department for Economic Development all requiring completion between Tuesday & Saturday morning before I leave for Winter wanderings. Throw in the three yoga sessions I hold, a pub quiz, a family evening meal and a separate friends evening meal and you'll quickly see that preparation and packing time is at a premium, so much so in fact that it is now 6am on Saturday morning, four hours before my ferry to the UK departs, and I'm still here editing final images for Landscape Magazine and the Isle of Man Government.  Very shortly I must think seriously about beginning the packing process!  And also look at sorting out some accommodation.... Oh God, I must pack too.....Hmmmm... I'm sure these things will all fall in to place.  This relaxed approach of mine doesn't always pay off...  But most of the time... most of the time I get lucky, and it does!  

Here's to being lucky and here's to adding to that delicious recipe of luck improving it with each and every new ingredient I stumble upon as I travel.  I hope you decide to follow my wanderings, musings and images.   It goes without saying that It would be lovely to have you all along with me on this new adventure through Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia.  See you all next year!