Puerto Natales to Lago Sofia.... / by Mark Boyd


Following a couple of days of rest, recuperation and image processing catch up whilst in Puerto Natales.... I also enjoyed three or four fantastic local craft beers at 'Wild' with young U.S. Derek whom I met whilst trekking the in Torres del Paine circuit.... That evening I found myself getting ready for bed then suffering the realisation that I hadn't paid my tab.... A forty minute round walk later and I was snuggling down in to my duvet with a clear conscience!


I was all prepared for my visit to Lago Sofia, a beautiful spot (according to Yorch from Santiago and Gonzalo, a guide for 'Into the Wild Patagonia'.) with very few people.  Having spent two comfortable Homestay nights, along with a set of freshly laundered underlayers I was more than ready to leave the relative comfort and social scene of Puerto Natales.

With a backpack loaded with all my food, camping and camera gear I wandered along the exit road back towards Torres del Paine with my cardboard sign indicating where I'd like to go. Lake Sofia was 26km out of town, then another 6km along a gravel track.  I'd walked 45 minutes from where I was staying before I decided that the post I was approaching would make the perfect inanimate object to lean against.  There was also plenty of space for any willing drivers to pull over for pick up..... I waited twenty minutes before a big Nissan 4x4 slowed and pulled on to the lay-by.  Two female biologists who had seen me on their way in to town were now on their way back to Lago Sofia.... They were studying the algal and sediment content in the water.  Perfect!  A run all the way to the lake.  The ladies said there was every chance I'd be able to get a lift back to town in the a few days.  If I see the boat on the lake there'll be a return to town ride!

So here I was Lago Sofia...... and it was stunning!

Source: www.mbimagery.co.uk