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August 17th & August 18th 2019

Group Workshops £99.00pp

About Mark >

My name is Mark. I am a professional photographer. I was created, born and bred on this fair isle. It’s safe to say my geographical knowledge of this small Celtic gem will lead you to a series of stunning landscapes, seascapes or wildlife opportunities. Whatever the weather, from blazing sunshine to stormy seas there are breath taking images to be captured. My experience and understanding of when and where to be will assist you no end when it comes to achieving your photographic goals; with well over a decade of experience as a professional photographer, having worked alongside a plethora of lifestyle magazines and large and small business, along with a consistent series of accolades such as finalist in International Garden Photographer of the Year, and shortlistings on an almost annual basis in the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year and Outdoor Photographer of the Year awards between 2014 up to 2018, you will have access to a wealth of understanding and experience when it comes down to capturing and ‘developing’ stunning land, seascape and wildlife images. What’s more you are going to have fun! As I share you will learn all that’s needed when it comes to the technicalities of photography, allowing you to capture the world in your very own style. From shutter speeds to focal lengths, ‘golden triangles’ to ‘sunny sixteens’ my teaching will make understanding simple and memorable.

Where will we go? >

We will meet by the old breakwater in Port Erin. Our shooting locations will be somewhat dictated by a number of factors including the tumultuous Manx weather, tides and sunset times. This keeps me on my toes and keeps things fresh and interesting for my students!

What do I need to bring? >

Camear Gear: Have a small backpack to fit your gear in. This will allow you to keep your hands free. Bring what you would normally usual use to capture images. If that's a DSLR camera or Micro Four Thirds system bring a variety of lenses. If you own lens filters bring them along. If you own a tripod bring it, even little bendy tripods.

Clothing: It's given decent weather for Saturday.... But... Just in case.... Warm hoody, sweatshirt or jacket. Waterproof jacket that you can have in your backpack. Strong, stretchy trousers.... We may be on our knees! Good strong trainers or boots with rubber tread. A warm hat for the evening.

Eats & Drinks: Keep your energy up. Bring snacks and maybe a packed meal for the evening. There's no point going hungry. Bring a bottle of water or juice. It can filled up whilst we're out and about.

Safety & Liability >

Worry not, I'll do all I can to take care of you all. But please remember, we are all responsible for your own personal safety. If you happen to fall and hurt yourself through bad decision making, a misplaced foot fall or loss of balance this is your responsibility, and by joining one of the workshop groups or attending a one on one workshop you are acknowledging that I (Mark Boyd) am not in any way financially liable for or responsible for any accidents or injuries you or any member of our group may incur through partaking in the workshop. Please keep this in mind when we are trudging around on the beach, coastal rocks or uneven heathland. Please tread carefully.

You are in charge of your own equipment. If you happen to drop or damage your camera, tablet or smart phone whils attending a workshop I will in no way be liable for repair or replacement unless damage is caused directly through an action of my own.

Reviews & Recommendations >

> “I’ve been doing photography as a hobbyist for almost four years and was a little apprehensive meeting Mark. Straight away Mark was welcoming and very easy to chat to. He set me some challenges and then helped me understand my settings in way that that 1,000 YouTube videos never did. We then went to various locations and worked on new techniques using the beautiful scenery around the Isle of Man. Mark was very patient and explained everything in very easy way that I could understand. Mark's guidance and experience was worth every penny and more. I will be using Mark again in the future and would highly recommend this great experience.”> Keith Burns, 1 to 1 Workshop, Kirk Michael, Isle of Man. Photographer at Krufts 2019

> “I would happily recommend Celtic Escapes Photography workshops. Locations were varied and well thought out. Mark was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and the results of my shots were very good. The Isle of Man is very nice and worth a return visit to see and shoot the other views. The only problem was the weather which did not provide the sunrise shots but this is in the lap of the gods. Great trip.”> Tim Martin, 1 to 1 Workshop, London, United Kingdom.

> “It was the most amazing day, Mark was amazingly informative and so much fun. Would TOTALLY recommend the workshops - I now know my iso from my shutter speed! Makes such a difference in getting to know my camera, and indeed my iphone. Thanks Mark for such a great workshop.”> Joanna Lewy, Group Workshop, Port Erin, Isle of Man.

Your Home Island is a Photographer’s Dream!

Crimson sunsets, sparkling sunrises, tranquil and tumultuous seascapes, deep green moss laden plantations, rolling heather covered hills, rippling streams, babbling brooks, atmospheric glens, old ruins and castles…. and that’s not to mention the bird life (choughs, auks, pergrine falcons and hen harriers) and sea life (grey seals, minke whales, porpoises, dolphins and basking sharks). You live here… You know what it’s like… But capturing what lies right in front of you is not always as easy as it may seem. The mood, the atmosphere, the overall environment. It can be a challenge.
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