A local family in Flores, Indonesia take in a weary traveller and offer him fresh fish broth and coconut water.... The kindness of strangers will never fail to surprise and bring a warm glow to my heart.

A local family in Flores, Indonesia take in a weary traveller and offer him fresh fish broth and coconut water.... The kindness of strangers will never fail to surprise and bring a warm glow to my heart.

Mark Boyd Traveller, Photographer & Writer.

Whether you have dropped by to find your perfect wedding photographer or are looking for an intrepid adventure photographer, maybe you’re here to book one of my great photography courses/tours, whatever the reason you have dropped by you’ll no doubt want to know a little bit more about me.

Born in 1975 on the Isle of Man, a tiny 'rock' located in the middle of the Irish Sea 15 miles South West of the Southern most point of Scotland, 30 miles East of Ireland, 30 miles West of England's Lake District and about 40 miles North of Holyhead in Wales.  In the middle of everywhere, in the middle of nowhere.

1st September 2007 I was married.  August 2013 breast cancer claimed my wonderful wife.  I pondered life for six months then decided to travel. Photography would lead the way.

Now each and every year as the leaves take on their Autumn hue I disappear with my camera gear and whatever else is necessary for my half planned adventure to wherever.  My reason for travelling? To experience the culture within the countries I visit, to capture thought evoking, emotional, beautiful images.  I find myself travelling on local buses, boats and hitch hiking.  If I'm in the wilderness I camp.  If I'm near villages, towns or cities I find homestays or dormitories.  This approach takes away from the 'easy life' to which I have become accustomed in Britain.  During these weeks or months I search for interesting projects and small commissions to help develop local trades.  I choose a charitable rate, usually in exchange for bed and board and the experience of spending time with the local people. These are my times of growth.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring sees my return migration to European or British shores.  Work begins in earnest. Weddings, events, portraits, PR related commissions, photography workshops and tours…. so much to do!

Photography Accolades


During 2018 I decided to focus on potential entries for International Garden Photographer of the Year’s ‘Greening the City’ category. I entered two images. One of an illuminated path leading through dense trees, snaking it’s way from the hills outside of Taipei in Taiwan all the way in to the ciy, and another of a ‘Sadhu’, a holy man, captured whilst in Tiruvannamalai in India gathering white blossoms from a tree. I was overjoyed to receive notification of both images being shortlisted….. But was elated today, (10th Decebmer 2018) to receive notification that one has been commended or above, providing me with a cordial invite to Kew Gardens for the grand opening of the exhibtion… Very pleased indeed.


My 2017 trip to Myanmar saw me enter two favourite images in to Outdoor Photographer of the Year ‘Spirit of Travel’ category.

Both images were shortlisted.


2016 saw each one of the four images I entered in to Outdoor Photographer of the Year’s ‘Spirit of Travel’ category were shortlisted. Boy in Basket, Little Girl in Crate Swing, No Parking & Queen’s Cafe Cow.


During 2015 an image of two dancing poppies in a golden wheat field was adorned with an IGPOTY’s finalist spot in the 'Breathing Spaces' category of International Garden Photographer of the Year.

TPOTY 2014 ICON.jpg

During 2014 I was lucky enough to have portfolio of four images captured whilst cycling through Alaska shortlisted in Travel Photographer of the Year 2014.

Photography Courses & Tours: Always loved photography? Can’t stop snapping images with your smart phone, but never fully satisfied with the outcome? Or maybe you are a full-time photography hobbiest and amateur teetering on the edge of a career change…. Or maybe you just want take your own personal photography to the next level.

My half day photography courses start from £150.00 where I will help you understand all that is ‘image capture’. From composition to focal lengths, from shutter speed to ISO. We’ll fit all we can in to the time you have.

Land and Seascape Photography:  Here we find my true passion.  The curves of the land, the meandering of a river the vastness of the sky, the power of the sea.... Here I am at one.  My mind becomes totally present.  I am absorbed within my surroundings.  This of course tends to be a solitary pursuit and provides time to ones self.  Time to sit and meditate whilst waiting patiently for the surrounding light to appear or fade into the deep pastel shades of night.  A time to gather ones thoughts and be at peace. You have a specific place that you would love a print of? Call me. Let’s capture it in all it’s glory at sunset, sunrise or storm battered. Let’s have the image hanging on your wall.

Wedding Photography:  Known as 'Your Big Day'. This can also be said for the photographer every time he or she arrives at the wedding venue.  My reportage style ensures that I do not become the main focus of your day, which as a guest, I have sadly witnessed at the weddings of those I love.  Other than the post ceremoney family shots, you will probalby not notice me. I will move gently around the periphery, capturing candid and intimate moments of love and laughter.  Remaining unseen, unnoticed, allows me to capture the essence of true love through my lens.

What's involved in a full day shoot?  A pre-visit to the venues, 12 hours plus on the big day, straight home to back up the files, twice!  Belt and braces!  Then three days in the ‘digital darkroom’ processing and editing.  My aim is to have the full portfolio back to the client within 5 working days. No mean feat during the peak of wedding season!

Family Portraits - Grand Day Out: Would you rather have an old fashioned studio shot family portrait or a day out having fun family portfolio? I thought so. You want to remember you and your kids having fun, not being made to pose awkwardly in a small studio setting under artificial lighting. I’m right! Right? Call me! Do the right thing by your kids.

Property Photography:  Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels all require high end images showcasing what is on offer.  From bedrooms and bathrooms to bars and restaurants.  With great composition and the use of professional high end, wide angle lenses my clients are ensured bright, crisp shots of interiors and exteriors with straight walls and true colours.  

Where?  Everywhere!  I've shot properties in Chile, Argentina, India, South East Asia, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England and the Isle of Man and that's just a few.

Commercial Photography:  Promotional images relating to branding. From clothing and jewellry retailers to restaurant related food shoots. 

My most recent projects have been with the Asian food giant Wagamama.

Photographic Brochures & Articles:  During 2012 I was commissioned to provide landscape and angling related images for an Isle of Man tourism brochure by the Isle of Man Government. Since then I have been commissioned by the Isle Of Man Government to provide a variety images to showcase everything the Isle of Man has to offer from mountain biking and hiking to it's rich history and heritage.

Further work relating to the Isle of Man Government includes the use of two landscape pieces from my 2013 collection to advertise a photography contest relating to the Isle of Man's bid for protection under UNESCO's Biosphere Status in the Biosphere Vannin Project.  My Isle of Man Government projects have continued in to 2015 and 2016.

Asia: Himalayas Magazine Nepal for a piece on the Annapurna circuit, Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge in the West Bardia Park in Nepal to promote their wildlife safaris and accommodation.  I was commissioned by Kaiya Guesthouse in Kerala, Number 1 on Tripadvisor in the area, to produce a new portfolio of images for their website.

United States: I was commissioned by the Alaska Marine Highway to produce images to promote ferry travel around Alaska.  I also carried out photography work for 'SilverFin Fishing Guides' and 'Fish On Fishing Guides' whilst in Homer, Alaska.

My images and writing has been published and featured in the following publications and eZines:

  • Himalayas Magazine (Nepal)

  • Manx Tails (Isle of Man)

  • Manx Life (Isle of Man)

  • Angling Times (UK)

  • Carp & Coarse Magazine (UK)

  • Blinker (Germany)

  • Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK)

  • www.Scale-Magazine.com (Europe)

  • Sidetracked Magazine (UK)

  • LandScape Magazine (UK)